Meditation 9:30 a.m.
Service 10:00 a.m.
3320 Monroe St. Carlsbad

A Message from Rev. Debby & Rev. Matti
Welcome!  Are you ready to change your life?  Are you ready for more happiness, more joy and more love?  Are you looking for a non-judgmental positive group of individuals that come together in fellowship and community?  Then my friends, you have come to the right place.
The Center for Spiritual Living Carlsbad provides the spiritual tools, support and practices to transform our lives and make the world a better place.  We believe that as we change our thinking, we can change our lives. 
Honoring all paths to God, we know that as we connect at a deeper level with Spirit, we are able to connect at a deeper level with others.  That is just the beginning to greater happiness, expanded joy and increased love. 

Get ready to embrace life at a new level as we wake up to our Divinity.  Join us we support, guide and celebrate together this thing called life.




A Life that works is one that is fully engaged in terms of the human experience (life with a small "l") while being fully empowered because of the deep embrace of Life on the greater level (Life with a big "L"). That combination is non-stoppable, extraordinary and filled with a peace that passeth all understanding. This month we are going to look at what might be getting in the way of that Divine Partnership as we look at living Life/life aligned, engaged and fully present. It's about getting our groove on.


A Life of peace, of joy and of loving abundance is my Life NOW. I am in full partnership with the ONE: listening, taking positive action and counting my blessings along the way.



October 2 - "Aligning" with Rev. Debby

Musician: Jen Hajj

October 9 - "The Heart is On" with Rev. Matti

Musicians: Lesley Alexander

October 16 - "Making Peace With the Past" with Rev. Debby

Musician: Cahill & Delene

October 23 - "What is Ours to Do" with Rev. Kate

Musician: Rick Dale

October 30 - "Engage and Empower" with Rev. Catherine

Musician: Teri Wilder

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OCTOBER Classes & Events


THE WINNER'S CIRCLE - Every Monday morning from 10:00am to 12:00pm  

390 Oak Ave. #H, Carlsbad  

Facilitated by Rev. Tony Bonaccorso, this group will come together with like-minded people interested in connecting with the Spiritual Force within and allowing it to guide and direct each individual on the path leading to fulfillment. This group is intended to raise Consciousness, thereby, improving every area of your life. Cost: Love Offering


PROSPERITY WORK - Book Study: "The Science of Getting Rich"  with Rev. Debby O'Donnell

Last class Wednesday evening October 5th from 6:30 - 8:00pm    Claypool Learning Center 390 Oak Ave., Carlsbad


THE POWER OF DECISION with Rev. Kate DuVivier

8 Thursday evenings beginning September 15th from 6:30 - 8:30pm   Claypool Learning Center 390 Oak Ave., Carlsbad

Do you want to find out if our thoughts really do shape our lives?

We will examine the cost of indecision and learn how to begin making better decisions. We will get specific and look at developing a consciousness of happiness, wealth, health, & creativity as we begin to take personal responsibility for living positively and decisively - learning to trust that we live in a wondrous world of possibility.

This class is perfect for both new and experienced students.  It is an accredited course of Centers for Spiritual Living and may be used as one of the six prerequisite courses required for enrollment in their Spiritual Practitioner training program. 

Text: The Power of Decision by Raymond Charles Barker

Cost: $100 early-bird payment, or $20 per class


The Foundation of Science of Mind with Rev. Debby O'Donnell

10 Wednesday evenings beginning October 19 from 6:30-8:30pm 
Claypool Learning Center: 390 Oak Ave. #H, Carlsbad
10 Week Study of Spiritual Principles and Practices
Are you ready to be in the flow of Life instead of struggling to maintain? Using the Science of Mind textbook by Ernest Holmes, we will discuss a writing from one of the Elders of the new thought movement and explore a spiritual principle & a spiritual practice each week. *God & Journaling/Listening   *Creative Process & Affirmations   *Grace & Meditation/Visioning   *Wholeness & Spiritual Mind Treatment   *Attraction & Fear to Faith   * Abundance & Gratitude   *Living in the flow & Sacred Giving/Service   *Oneness & Forgiveness   *Immortality & Christ Cosciousness   *Joy & Celebration  Join Rev. Debby as we discover what centers us and moves us to a place of harmony with Life.
Cost is $100 at the first class or $15/week
Potluck and Extra Shot- "Stand Up for Kids" a CSLC Community Call to Action

Sunday October 16th 11:30-12:30pm 3320 Monroe St., Carlsbad

This Thanksgiving season, we are going to not only gather to give thanks but also to support a very worthy organization that supports youth who are homeless and working towarrds creating a life of worth. A leader in this organization will present to us their mission and the positive impact they are having with youth living on the street. We will also discuss the ways in which our community will be supporting this incredible cause through Thanksgiving Eve. We are powerful and when we join together we are a force that creates change.

Bring your favorite dish to share at the Potluck at 11:00am





Rev. Debby O'Donnell        Rev. Matti Dobbs
Spiritual Director                Spiritual Director

Rev. Catherine, Asst. Minister


Please join us this Sunday for a meditation at 9:30 am and the Sunday Service from 10-11am.  We will celebrate with fellowship and refreshments on the patio at 11 am after the service. 


3320 Monroe St., Carlsbad, CA 92008

From Interstate 5, Drive East on Carlsbad Village Drive Exit.  Turn Right on Monroe Street. Go 0.3 miles. Go through stop sign at Basswood and 3320 is on the Left! Look for the CSL sign out front.

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