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Dear God, Dear Stars, Dear Trees, Dear Peoples.  Dear Everything. Dear God.
 ~ Alice Walker

Spirit is a bubbling brook of Joy, flowing through my life with fun and laughter. I fully accept this bubble bath of joy now. I accept fun. I accept life and love. I accept excitement about my life. I am ready, willing and able to sing and dance with joy and thanksgiving. Now!

Because I know that Spirit is eternal, I release any belief in urgency. I have all the time in the world to live, love, play and be happy. Because I know that everyone is capable and creative and made of the same beautiful spirit I am, I release all need to put others first or sacrifice my life to theirs. I am free and joyous. Because I know that Spirit is free and prosperous, I release all belief in having to work hard to survive. I am rich and happy. Because I know that life is good, I relax and have fun with it.

I am glad to be alive this day.

This is my day to express love and joy and laughter with everyone I come into contact with. I accept fun in my life. I am filled with laughter and I am filled with the spirit. I release any ideas of conformity, of lady-like behavior and of shoulds and musts. I accept my day with an open heart.

Life is good. Life is love. Life is now.  And so it is.

Dr. Jane Claypool, May 2002