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All About Love

"Nothing brings down walls as surely as acceptance." Deepak Chopra

It's All About Love

God is all there is, ever has been, and forever will be. God is love and is present in every moment of my life as every thought, feeling, person and experience.

The love of God within me brings harmony to all my relationships. Everyone and everything is created in the image and likeness of God. I accept people just as they are. There is so much beauty and diversity in all people. I behold everyone through the eyes of Divine Love. Each person is an individualized expression of Spirit. I release any desire to fit others into the mold of my expectations and I honor the God-self in each of them. I am willing to accept all people as God's creations of life and love. My loving attitude and acceptance draws loving relationships to me. I welcome others into my heart, into my prayers, into my life  and into a circle of love.

God has blessed me with the gifts of spirituality, love, and individuality. I am grateful for the awareness and feeling that it is all about love. I give thanks for all the relationships in my life. I release my word into the fertile soil of Law from this deep place of gratitude. I know that it is already done.

And so it is.

Lynn Guilfoyle, RScP