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Divine Health

"...every organ, every function, every action, and reaction of my body is in harmony with the divine creative Spirit. I have both 'the mind of Christ' and the Body of God." Ernest Holmes

Health is my Divine Harmony with Spirit.

Spirit is the warmth of the sun, the vitality of the ocean, and the sensitivity of the flower. God is loving, gentle, inviting, and healthy. Spirit is an endless flood of love and pleasure and health surging forth from the limitless reservoir of sacred supply. It is the kingdom from which every desired physical comfort flows freely.

I am one with this all sustaining energy, this expression of health and liveliness. Spirit's power flows through me, in me, and as me. I know that I am the designer of my special world experience with its messages designed especially for me. As a child of God, I encompass gentleness and love of myself and my body.

I claim, now, that my natural state is health and happiness. The highest level of health flows through me effortlessly. It wells up inside my body and pours forth as joy and passion, self-esteem and liveliness. It is my sacred symbol of love and personal integrity which circulates through my life and expands constantly as limitless vigor.

It is with a thankful heart that I say Yes to health, Yes to self-esteem, Yes to personal power. I release this vision to the Law of Mind, knowing that all the health of the Universe is mine to claim and enjoy, now! And so it is.

Deidre Emery, RScP