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I fairly sizzle with zest and enthusiasm  for living. 
 ~ Charles Fillmore at age 91

God is unlimited abundance and energy and God has no time constraints. It is always now time. I am living in God. God lives through me. I am connected to and now draw on, God?s unlimited abundance and energy and time supply to design my day.

I know what my work is. I know what my priorities are. I do my work easily, without struggle and I let the rest go for today. I live now, not in the hurried or worried future. I am never daunted by the TO DO list because I am living the NOW List and that is more than enough. This day is my life. I look to this day with joy and happiness and I let the future take care of itself.

This day, I am happy, energetic, playful and creative. I enjoy my work. I enjoy my beautiful surroundings. I enjoy my choice of activities. I enjoy  my life and so it is.

Dr. Jane Claypool, September  2004


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