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How To Get What You Want

The first step in getting your heart's desire is to decide what you really want and make your vision of that desire as clear as you can in your own mind. Once you have a clear mental image, you can use affirmation, visualization and treatment to make it happen. None of these techniques will work until your goals are fully defined.

            So many of us are confused when we try to set goals. We think we should want this but we really want that and we are afraid to even say we want that because we know we could never have it. No wonder setting goals is so difficult for so many people.

            There are several effective methods for discovering your true desires and one of them is to keep a "blue sky list" for a week or more.  Developing a blue sky list is easy to do. Write down everything you think you might like to enjoy and don't worry about limiting yourself in any way. Even if your list includes items that seem remote, unattainable or contradictory, you write them down without self-criticism. At the end of your week, the list might include a mink coat and building an animal shelter for small furry animals. That's o.k. It's only a list!

            When your week is up, review the list and see if you can find recurrent themes. You may discover that several of the desires you have itemized revolve around household improvement and several desires revolve around travel. You can clarify your goals by refining your blue sky list in such a way that it breaks down to one or more categories. Start this process by clustering items from your blue sky list into a few groups. Then find a general heading for each list.  Most people will end up with categories for health, prosperity, relationships and perhaps such headings as joy, family or creative endeavors.

            Once you have clarified your goals, it will be fairly simple to group item in your categories as urgent, immediate and long range.

            You have now used your imagination to set goals and your intelligence to clarify and set priorities. You are ready to take some simple steps in the direction of your dreams.

            As you look at your most immediate goals, list some steps that seem appropriate for each goal. Prepare a simple plan for each category. For example, if your Prosperity list has some urgent bills and some long term retirement goals. Your first step will be to pay off the bills and your long term step will be to put aside retirement funds. Take one step and then the next in the direction of your dreams.  Make sure your steps include daily treatment for prosperity.  Another step would be to change your attitude about money matters through taking classes and reading metaphysical books on the subject.

            No matter what your plans are, remember that with God all things are possible and you are with God.  Ernest Holmes says, "Instead of looking on our problems as things difficult to solve, we should look upon every problem as but an added possibility, an added opportunity for self-expression."

            Be sure to expect the best. When you find your mind straying to worry, regret or fear, gently refocus by affirmations and declaring the truth in spite of the apparent "facts".  Live your life one day at a time and keep on climbing toward your personal mountaintop. Even if you climb slowly, if you are steady, you will get to the summit. Above all, accept the truth that sets you free. You can do it! You can change your thinking and change your life.

Dr. Jane Claypool