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    Perfect Health

The first wealth is health?
 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Unlimited, Creative Intelligence of the Universe lives in every cell, muscle, nerve and organ of my physical body. Every spot in my body incorporates the intelligence and love of God and because that is true, I claim perfect health with complete confidence. I am perfectly whole, perfectly complete and perfectly healthy right here and now.

I release any false ideas or beliefs that I may have held up until now about any diagnosis, prognosis, or negative outcome. I know that where God is, all things are possible. I know  that God is with me, within every cell, nerve, muscle and organ of my body even as I speak this word. The outlook is joyous. The healing is complete. I am free from all bondage of conditions. There is no such thing as disease, no chronic condition and no fear within my consciousness.

I have a consciousness of perfect health. I claim perfect health. I envision perfect health. I accept perfect health.

As I release this spiritual mind treatment to the law, I am filled with gratitude and joy. I know that God does the work and the work is done now.  I let go and let God and so it is.

Dr. Jane Claypool, September 2004


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