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    Working With The Law

The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.
 ~ Albert Schweitzer

There is one God and every person on this planet lives, moves and has his being in God. We are all connected in the One Mind. Every person I meet is a reflection of God and I am connected at the soul level with everyone. I embrace this connection with love.

Every person I meet is an opportunity to set the law of cause and effect in motion in my own life. When I am asked for help, I give it freely because I know it will return to me freely from the universal spiritual laws which are always in motion. I am happy to serve my church and other worthwhile organizations because I know my choices do make a difference. I also know that I must embody what I desire to attain in my own life. I give love because I am love and love returns to me pressed down and multiplied. I give money because I am rich and wealth returns to me pressed down and multiplied. I give my talents because I am talented and new skills return to me pressed down and multiplied.

The service I give is a reflection of the wisdom I live by. I never feel depleted or cheated. I never look for a return from a specific place or individual. I trust the Universe which operates on the law of circulation. All is well with me. And so it is.

Dr. Jane Claypool, September 2004