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Let There Be Light

Knowledge does not come to us in details but in flashes of light from heaven.
Henry David Thoreau

Light is a word with a lot of positive definitions and connotations. Light sometimes means a great spiritual awakening ? "I saw the Light."  It can also mean the gift of wisdom and experience ? "Let me shed some light on the subject." Sometimes it simply refers to the ability to see clearly ? "I have a good light to read by."  It can also mean a deeper understanding  - "The light dawned on me."

Generally, people in Religious Science stay in the light as much as possible and that means maintaining a positive attitude toward life.  You might say we worship light but not quite in the same way that the ancient Egyptians bowed down to the sun.  We delight in the beauty and joy of living and we focus on the bright side of things as we seek greater light in our wisdom teaching. Even the least brilliant student can make the decision to follow the light, to stay on the sunny side of the street and to cultivate greater wisdom. This is a teaching of love and light.

April is the appropriate month to celebrate light because it is the beginning of springtime. It is also the month we change our clocks for daylight savings time. Easter is happening in April and that is a traditional celebration of light for many of us.

It is always appropriate to seek the light, to look for the love, joy, peace and promise of life. No matter what the appearance of darkness or shadows may be, we need to focus on the light and love of God. We need to make a definite decision to be seekers of light now.

Dr. Jane Claypool