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Maintain An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; Gratitude brings you and laughter into your life and into the lives of those around you.
Eileen Caddy, Unity author

            November is traditionally the month that we choose to emphasize thanksgiving but it is an excellent idea to maintain a year round attitude of gratitude. Giving thanks for students of Science of Mind is more than a ritual, it is a way of life.

            Our focus on thanksgiving enables us to spotlight those blessings we enjoy in our lives every day of the year. I make a gratitude list fairly often just to remind myself that I am leading a very, very fortunate life. My list includes every member and friend of the Center For Positive Living in Carlsbad and it also includes my family, my friends, and  my colleagues. When I count my blessings, I include a dog  named Jack and the birds who come to my patio for breakfast each morning. I also include my favorite artists, authors, actors and musicians. My world is rich with blessings.

            I invite every one of you to keep a gratitude list on a regular basis.. Just list all the things and people and ideas you are grateful for. Keep it for one month and you will be amazed how rich your life really is. You will find yourself noticing the birds and bees the flowers and the trees and the woman at the check out counter of your grocery store who always has a fabulous smile. You will be cheering yourself up every time you write a new person, place or thing on your thanksgiving list. It works like magic!

Many spiritual teachings tell us to count our blessings and to be grateful for what we have. Excellent advice. What makes our spiritual teaching so effective and so different is that we learn we can have even more through the use of spiritual mind treatment. And an important step of treatment is to give thanks in advance.

Why not add a few things to your gratitude list that haven't shown up in the flesh as yet? Adding that new car to your gratitude list before you get it in the driveway is a lot like doing a spiritual mind treatment. It sends a message to your Source. It says, I'm here, I accept, I trust, I give thanks. When we do a spiritual mind treatment, we are creating a spiritual prototype in Universal Mind. Another way of saying this is that we are making it real in Mind first.

Once we have conceived our desire, we must get to the point in our treatment where we believe it is done. In other words, we trust God to let the seed we've planted bloom. In fact, we trust God so much that we see that seed fully blooming even as we pray. We end our spiritual mind treatments with thanksgiving because we know it is done. Our faith is the final step.

This is a very practical teaching built on spiritual principles  which we demonstrate on a daily basis. I am, above all, thankful for Science of Mind as an organized and effective tool for living a positive life.

You and I can use Science of Mind more effectively when we get in the habit of gratitude.  Let's go for the best possible life!

Dr. Jane Claypool  (published in a slightly different form in November 2002 newsletter)