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Prayer for Healing

A Prayer for Healing

And so I close my eyes and go to that sacred space within, that place where I know the unity of all life, that place where I know there is only one power, one presence...one Spirit breathing life into all that I can see, all that I can hear, all that I can touch and all that I can feel. Where I know that there is only God. There is only Love. there is only perfection. At the center of each and every experience, person and situation there is pure Spirit.

It is that power that animates my being. It is that power that flows through me, as me...it is the very fire in my soul. It is God expressing Itself as me. Closer than my hands and feet, closer than my very breath, Spirit is my source. It is the Truth of me and it is the truth of every person I encounter, for there is no separation. There is only wholeness, perfect health and unity. There is only that one Power coursing through all of life, breathing life as life. And so I know and honor the Living Spirit of God Almighty here and now in this moment and all is well.

I speak my word for anyone and everyone feeling the need for healing today, knowing all good is always available to them, for there is only one mind and that mind exists within each individual person. I know that what is known in one aspect of mind is known everywhere, so I know perfect health, wholeness and unity is available right now. And in this awareness, any sense of separation or dis-ease simply melts away. This awareness is the foundation of all life and acts as a rock for anyone needing a touchstone. I know that Spirit, that source of strength is allowing those facing challenges to survive and thrive. I see a sense of peace and acceptance as old limiting beliefs are released and truth is revealed. I know good in its many facets shows up easily and effortlessly and that anyone feeling separate is healed.

Recognizing that Spirit is the source of all good, providing for any and all needs, I am grateful. So appreciative to know that Love knows no boundaries, no limitations is ever present and is always extending Itself, for that's what it does. I sit in awe of the magnificence and wonder of that good all around me and all around everyone. Thankful for that deep sense of peace which comes with knowing Love's presence. Grateful for the change that has already occurred and the complete healing of separation. My heart is filled with gratitude as I accept these words, this truth for all who desire it.

And so it is with a true sense of appreciation and acceptance that I release my word into the Law of Mind, knowing it is so....and so it is.

Rev. Catherine Bonin