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Prosperity: My Birthright

"God is lavish, unfailing Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all-providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me - the Reality of me." J.R. Price

Prosperity is My Birthright

God is loving, warm, inviting, and prosperous. Spirit is here, now, as a fountain of abundance for all to enjoy. Life is an endless flood of wealth and joy surging forth from the limitless reservoir of sacred supply. It is the kingdom from which everything desired flows freely.

I am one with this limitless energy, this expression of good and plenty. As the individualized expression of this beautiful power, I know that I am the designer of my unique world experience. As a child of God, I produce abundance in every format and function that suits me. It is my sacred mission to manifest lavishly for the benefit of myself and others.

I make my claim, now, that my natural state is abundance, prosperity, and success. I consciously generate my vision of plenty into manifest form. Money flows to me effortlessly as a tangible token of appreciation of my divine service. It is my sacred symbol of love and integrity which circulates through my life and grows constantly.

With a thankful heart I say "Yes" to abundance, "Yes" to prosperity, "Yes" to success, and all their fabulous manifestations. I release this to the Law of Mind, knowing all the wealth of the universe is mine to claim and enjoy, now!

And so it is.

Dee Emery, RScP