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In Troubled Times

I am never daunted by storms for I am learning to sail.
Louisa Mae Alcott

God is Love and Love is present everywhere at all times. Love surrounds me and guides me every step of the way. Love uplifts and unfolds me as I accept new clarity and hope about this situation. Love is the answer and Love gives me the answer.

I know that with God, all things are possible and God is always with me. I am a unique and individualized expression of God. God loves me because God is Love. I am surrounded by Love, supported by Love, and guided by Love. There is no such thing as trouble, disease, or addiction in the mind of God and there is no such thing in my mind now.

I am  perfect, whole and complete now. I know whatever I need to know and I am willing to change whatever I need to change in order to have the life I desire.  I allow the power of the Universe to work on this situation. I give it to God and I release all worry, doubt, guilt or anger that I may have carried up until now.   I release all concern and claim a complete healing. I am very grateful to know that it is now done. I release this treatment with joy and thanksgiving. I let go and let God. And so it is.

  ~ Dr. Jane Claypool, September 2004


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