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Hold The Vision Of Peace

The war in Iraq is officially over but we are very far from peace. People are upset about the situation and hold a lot of different opinions about what we should do, could do, and how we should go about doing whatever comes next.

Some people who hold one viewpoint are truly surprised to find that their friends and fellow Religious Scientists hold a different viewpoint. Instead of challenging each other, "How can you believe that?", we need to move to higher ground and hold the vision of peace without outlining the way that peace comes into being. When we talk about our desire for peace, we are in immediate agreement with each other on that life-affirming goal.

No one really wants war. Everyone wants a world in which peace and prosperity prevail. In the long view, we are in perfect agreement. It is only when we are reacting to the world of appearances that we come into conflict with ourselves and with each other. I know it isn?t easy to treat for peace while the destructions and damage of war is obvious but we treat for health in the midst of the appearance of illness and achieve success so it is clear that we can do it.

When we discuss the issues on the level of day-to-day reality (the relative plane of existence) we find a great deal of disagreement and fear. Some of us are deeply concerned for our loved ones who are in the service. Others are deeply concerned about the moral and political implications about acting without the United Nations consensus we sought. Some are against all wars and others are against this particular war.

As Religious Scientists we need to focus on the absolute truth of life. We must focus on the solution we desire, rather than the conflict itself.  We need to redouble our spiritual mind treatments for peace even as the tanks roll and the bombs drop. We need to commit to holding the vision of peace for all humankind in our minds and hearts. We need to hold that vision with steadfast courage and not get caught up in blaming anyone or anything for the current conflict.

We are committed to mental healing. Let us heal our own fear and concern and hold fast to the truth of the goodness of life. Peace is possible. Peace is our choice now. We are powerful metaphysicians holding the vision of peace in a powerful way. We don't need to outline the plan of action, we just need to envision peace, declare peace and accept peace. When we achieve realization, Divine Intelligence knows exactly how to bring it about. We don't need to analyze, we don't need to dissect or blame. We just need to know the truth.

As much as humanly possible, we need to remember our Divine nature. Perhaps even more important, we need to remember the Truth about people we might want to blame. At the absolute level, there can be no blame and that's where we do our work.

The truth is that we live in a spiritual universe and every person on this planet, no matter what his level of personal understanding, has a spiritual nature. That nature is pressing to express at a higher level, no matter what the appearance is. Every human being has unlimited potential within. Whether the human self knows it or not, God is pressing to express through him. Any error or false belief which stands in the way of that expression can be overcome. This is the truth. We are all human. We are all emerging into a new understanding of our Divinity. Whether in this lifetime or not, the emergence is inevitable. If we are to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence, we must stay centered in this truth.

As students of Science of Mind, we are committed to a spiritual practice that acknowledges the power of Spirit over conditions, events, and circumstances. We speak our truth for ourselves and things change. When we achieve that same level of conviction on a planetary level, we will speak our truth and the planet will change. We are spiritual revolutionaries, committed to allowing all humans to live in peace and prosperity.

Now matter what the appearance is, you and I and everyone on our planet is on an inevitable journey to a higher evolutionary experience. Humanity is awakening to its spiritual nature. The outcome is one of peace, prosperity and power for love. Please use the spiritual mind treatment that follows on a consistent basis or create one of your own. Treatment does work.