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When we are ignorant we live in His prison;
when we become prudent we live in His palace;
when we fall asleep we become intoxicated;
when we are awakened we are in His hands.
 ~ Rumi

There is One God. God is present everywhere at all times as Creative Intelligence. Creative Intelligence is working in my life all of the time. Because there is a Creative Intelligence working in my life, I am able to reconstruct my life. I change my thinking and release myself from the prison of my mind.

Creative Intelligence is always responding to my beliefs as messages. I now send a message of wealth and abundance to the Universal Intelligence. I claim freedom from all ideas of lack and limitation. I accept financial freedom as my Divine Birthright. I accept a new level of abundance and wealth. I am free to do what I want to do when I want to do it without hesitation. This is true because I know that God is the only source of my supply and God is Divine Givingness.

I accept the best.  I let go and let God.

Dr. Jane Claypool, September 2004


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